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Dayton Grey corporation was established in 2000. We were originally located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY and specialized in unique finishes for architectural hardware industry. Through the years, our customer base grew and we became more diversified in the types of items we finish.  

We have gone from architectural hardware to kitchen and bath, lighting, furniture, structural, and lobby restoration. We can match just about anything to developing new and unusual surface finishes. We take pride in our creative abilities. We have a reputation for working with designers and architects to help create the right look for their projects.


Meet our founder Dan France.

Our founder, Dan France, practically grew up in the industry. At 16, Dan worked after school in his father's laboratory learning quantitative analysis for a company that manufactured chemistry for the electroplating industry.


By 19, Dan was a consultant to the industry and played a major part in developing many proprietary processes. These are still being used in the industry today. While continuing to work, he attended Brooklyn College majoring in chemistry. At 22, Dan was hired as a laboratory manager at Plating Systems Inc.  This is a New York based firm that manufactured chemistry, developed processes, and built entire metal finishing facilities around the U.S.


By age  30 the Dan was the Vice President of the company. After years of success, Plating systems merged with a larger company. It was then that Dan followed his passion for creating artistic finishes and created Dayton Grey corporation.


Dan served on the board of directors for the New York American Electroplaters Society for over 15 years in several positions including President. Dan served on the board of directors for the New York American Electroplaters Society for over 15 years holding several positions including President.  He has also been an educator, teaching upcoming finishers the principals of electroplating and metal finishing.


Dan has also written and published articles on metal finishing over his career. Dan

and his partner Hal have developed a

unique position in the finishing industry.

He continues to enjoy a successful

business today.  



Get to know Hal Levenstein.

With over 30 years of experience in the hardware and metal finishing industry, Hal Levenstein is the perfect partner. He majored in business at Brooklyn College, and has been involved with the hardware industry since graduating in 1977.  


Hal spent 28 years as a plant manager for Arrow Lock, a major hardware manufacturer with plants worldwide. He was in charge of the plating and polishing department that employed over 50 people. He has had extensive customer service experience and has been professionally trained in the latest production and manufacturing techniques.


With his knowledge of builders and hardware manufacturing codes and practices, his transition to Dayton Grey was a perfect fit. He has researched and implemented many processes for corrosion resistance, hardness, and wear resistant coatings. These processes are now being used as standards in the lock industry today. Also, Hal has researched and implemented advanced processes for effluent control and waste minimization. This helps maintain a greener and safer enviroment in the finishing industry.


Hal has served on the board of directors of the New York American Electroplaters Society for many years and just recently retired as Vice President. When his original company, Arrow Lock,  merged with a sister company and relocated, it gave Hal the opportunity to work with Dan to develop Dayton Grey.  


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